Fake GPS(Location) Apk [Mod + Unlocked]

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Do you think someone is tracking you? That someone may be anyone your family members for your security, your friend just for fun, your teacher just to have a keen eye on you, or your enemy to take revenge from you.
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Varies with device
10 June 2018
Varies with device
Varies with device
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If you want to change your location, or want to show your changed location then you are in the right place.

Fake GPS is the name of such apk which you can use to show your fake location, and this application is very helpful when you want to hide your current location.

So, below you get description, features, and some simple steps to download this apk and this article clear all your doubts regarding this Fake GPS Apk.

Fake GPS (location) APK [Mod + Unlocked]

Do you think someone is tracking you? That someone may be anyone your family members for your security, your friend just for fun, your teacher just to have a keen eye on you, or your enemy to take revenge from you.

Since nowadays security breach is at its reach. Due to new technology, no one is secured or hidden from technology since almost every person in this world is connected to any digital technology.

But there are alternative so that you can take some relief from a security breach. Nowadays it is also possible to hide from the person, whomever you want.

You can do it with Fake GPS apk. It has the feature to distract someone mind from you. It is impressive, but not more than if you the premium version of this apk.

Key Features of Fake GPS Pro apk

Below you get small list of features which show you how this fake GPS will helps you and how this apk is one of the best and demanded apk of market.

  • This app will hide your current location and show the fake site wherever you want.
  • This premium version of this app won’t show any advertisement.
  • With this app’s help, you can prank your friends or family member, changing your location from city to city or even from one country to another.
  • The premium version of the app has three modes- fixed mode, route mode, joystick mode.
  • With the selected method, you can show your fake location to a particular place only.
  • With the help of route mode, you can move your site in a fixed specific path.
  • With the use of joystick mode, you can move your fake site anywhere you want.

How to download Fake GPS Premium Apk for free

Fake GPS apk can be easily downloaded from anywhere. It is available on the google play store too.

You can easily download it from there and use it. But if you want to get more access to its features. To do some incredible prank with your friends and family, you must have the premium version of this app.

There are two ways to get the premium version of this app. If you have lots of money, you can easily upgrade to the premium version through the app only. No problem will be there.

But if you don’t have money to buy or you don’t want to use cash for it, or even if you are a miser. Then also, you can easily download it just free of cost.

For downloading the premium version of this app, you just have to click on the link below.

It will redirect you to a new tab, and there you will find the download option. Just click on the download to download it freely.

Fake GPS Apk for PC/ Laptop Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac.

Suppose you have any problem with your phone. Or, for any reason, you just don’t want to use this application on your phone. There is an alternative. Yes!

You can use this Fake GPS apk on your laptop or PC too. No matter whether you have any operating system. It can be any windows 7,8, 8.1 or 10 or Mac.

For using this fake GPS apk on your laptop, just follow the given steps:-

Step 1 – First, you need to have an emulator on your PC or laptop. The best-recommended emulator is BlueStacks, which can be easily downloaded from anywhere.

Open Bluestacks

Step 2 – The next thing you have to do is click on the link given below to download the premium apk of Fake GPS. You can follow the steps mentioned above.

Open Apk in Bluestacks

Step 3 – After downloading it, you have to visit download section of your PC and open the file manager, and extract that file.

Step 4 – Now right click on the Fake GPS icon and just click on the open with BlueStacks.

A new console of BlueStacks will open, and then Fake GPS will open in it in the mobile view.

Everything is done now. You are free to use this premium apk.

How to use fake GPS apk

To use this premium apk on your phone

First, go to the developer option and allow the mock location through this app.

Make sure your location mode should be GPS only.

Then open the fake GPS location app and choose wherever you want to set your location, anywhere on the map.

Go to the Google map, and you can see your current site is where you kept in the fake location APK.

Now share your site whomever you want to mischief them.

The old version of Fake GPS apk.

Fake GPS 5.1.0 APK

• Updated: August 29, 2020

• What’s New in Version 5.1.0:

Update Icon

Fix Bugs

Fake GPS 5.0.0 APK

• Updated: September 17, 2019

• What’s New in Version 5.0.0:

And new markers screen

Change menu for better navigation

Fake GPS 4.9.4 APK

• Updated: July 29, 2019

• What’s New in Version 4.9.4:

Change database system

Improve UX

Fake GPS 4.8.4 APK

• Updated: November 1, 2018

• What’s New in Version 4.8.4:

Fix Bugs

Final words

Hopefully, you would have gained all the knowledge from this content. Still, if you have any doubt while downloading and using this apk, feel free to ask.

And if you like this content, please share it with your family and friends. It will help us a lot.

Public review

Christopher Smith:-

Works well. It can’t mask elevation, but I don’t think any app can do that. And, of course, it can’t spoof your actual cell tower location. But it can imitate how your phone (and all apps on your phone) reports your longitude & latitude. Unless the feds are actively tracking you, you’ll fool everyone else.

Jonny depth

It is an effortless experience. You just pick a place on the map, hit play and mess with a developer setting and boom! You are up and running! This thing works perfectly; it fools everything from Snapchat to Google maps! I just can’t say enough about this. You have to try it!


Works great, and no obnoxious functionality-blocking ads There may bead, but they are not intrusive or offensive – they don’t block or delay your ability to use the app. Speaking of no delays, the app is super fast and gets out of your way quickly when it’s done its stuff.

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